Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS)

PhD Position in the framework of the Frankfurt Centre for Multiscale Modeling in Life Sciences


Frankfurt/ Main, Hessen, Germany

15 PhD positions in the framework of the Frankfurt Centre for Multiscale Modeling in Life Sciences (CMMS) and the Graduate-School GRADE-iQbio

We are offering exciting opportunities to work on interdisciplinary projects at the Centre for Multiscale Modeling in Life Sciences in Frankfurt, a joint venture of FIAS, Goethe-University Frankfurt and Max-Planck of Brain Research. Our projects involve students from experimental backgrounds and students from theoretical backgrounds to develop quantitative models for biological systems. The projects comprise experimental analysis and modeling of protein complexes, organelle movement, dynamics of multicellular systems, pattern formation on the organismal level, and the dynamic activity of biological networks. On the theoretical front, we are especially keen on developing the area of high-performance computing and machine learning approaches for the identification of patterns in complex data sets. On the experimental front, students will be involved in pattern tracking in neuroscience, high-end light and cryo-electron microscopy / tomography. Each of the projects we offer will have a theoretical student working together with an experimental student to focus on computing, modeling and simulation, as well as quantitative experimental research on the following topics:

  1. Generative statistical models for image data analysis (Achilleas Frangakis & Michael Wand)
  2. Design and analysis of networks of binary activity (Tatjana Tchumatchenko & Ulrich Meyer)
  3. HPC application for simulation of cellular structures (Gerhard Hummer & Volker Lindenstruth)
  4. Analysis and modelling of the movement of organelles (Gaby Schneider & Enrico Schleiff)
  5. Modelling of cell restructuring of multicellular systems (Nadine Flinner & Enrico Schleiff)
  6. Modelling of cell movement in multicellular systems (Franziska Matthaeus & Ernst Stelzer)
  7. Analysis and modelling of pattern formation in sepia (Matthias Kaschube & Gilles Laurent)

For more information on the individual projects, please see our website (

We are looking for excellent candidates either with a strong background in the theoretical sciences (physics, mathematics, computer science, theoretical biology or chemistry), or in experimental physics, biology or chemistry, with very good communication skills and interest in interdisciplinary research. We offer a highly inspiring work atmosphere, exciting and modern research topics bridging theory and experiment, and an excellent infrastructure. We offer a 3.5 years contract, the salary is based on the public service pay scale TV-H E13 / 65% and a graduate school membership at GRADE iQbio.

Application deadline is January 31, 2020. Projects are planned to start on April 1, 2020.

The FIAS would like to promote women in science and therefore strongly encourages female scientists to apply. People with disabilities are given preferential consideration if they have the same aptitude.

Please upload your electronic documents in one pdf file including a letter of motivation and your CV.

The Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) is an international research institute for interdisciplinary Theoretical Research and Artificial Intelligence in the Rhine-Main-Area. It is an institute with activities in Natural Sciences, Life Sciences & Neurosciences and Computer Sciences, dedicated to cross-disciplinary research and to promotion of young scientists. The hierarchy at FIAS is flat and all fellows have same rights and obligations. FIAS is positioned at the Science-Campus Riedberg hosting, in addition, the institutes of life science and science departments of the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Max-Planck Institutes for Biophysics und Brain Research and the Frankfurter Innovation center FIZ. Frankfurt creates a superb environment for researcher at FIAS with its global internet hub, the active software enterprises, and its strategic importance in fields of finance, medicine, mobility and pharmaceutic industry (and their large data sets) eager to cooperate with fundamental sciences.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.