University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

PhD Fellowship to Study Transcriptional Plasticity of the Endocrine Pancreas

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Odense M, Denmark

A three-year PhD fellowship is available from 1 February 2020 or soon thereafter in the Mandrup Group at the Functional Genomics & Metabolism Research Unit, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark.

Research Project and Role
As a PhD student on this project you will be part of an international and very dynamic research group focusing on uncovering the transcriptional mechanisms by which the endocrine pancreas adopts to metabolic challenges. Your project will investigate the transcriptional mechanisms underlying the adaptive and pathophysiological changes in pancreatic ß-cells during development of high fat diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance. You will employ advanced mouse models with cell type specific labelling of ß-cells combined with deep sequencing-based technologies including single cell sequencing to assess changes in the transcriptome and epigenome at population and single-cell resolution.

In addition, we collaborate with the clinic to investigate the relevance of the findings in human islets. Discoveries in this PhD project will give important insight into the transcriptional mechanisms and transcriptional regulators that drive ß-cell adaptation, some of which may constitute therapeutic targets for prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Deadline: 20 December 2019.

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