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Opportunities to Shine at Nanjing University

Nanjing University (NJU)

Nanjing, China

About Nanjing University
Located in the ancient capital of Nanjing, Nanjing University and its predecessors have taken responsibility for the country and the nation during its development of over 100 years. Committed to the prosperity of the nation and the advancement of science, Nanjing University makes significant contributions to the revitalization of China.

Especially since the Reform and Opening-up, Nanjing University has seized this historic opportunity and gained vitality. It was among the first top universities to be selected for prioritized support by the Central Government of China under “211 Project” and “985 Project”. NJU was selected by the General Office of the State Council as one of the first group of National Demonstration Bases for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. NJU has been selected as among Category A universities under National Double First Class Initiative, while 15 subject areas of NJU are on the same list. As a member of the C9 League (an alliance of nine elite universities in China), NJU is known for its outstanding faculty, coordinated disciplines, and excellent research, and is recognized as a leading university with academic strength and social prestige. NJU’s mission is to cultivate talents, seek truth, serve society, and inherit and transmit Chinese culture. Its aim is to become a world-class research university of Chinese characteristics and NJU style, and to make contributions to the Chinese nation and the international community.

Distinctive arrangement of disciplines
NJU has built up a well-coordinated development pattern of disciplines by maintaining its strength in foundational disciplines and seeking further improvement in newly-emerging and interdisciplinary areas. The development pattern has given full consideration to development of social, natural, engineering and medical sciences.

Now, NJU has 29 departments under its direct administration. A whole raft of national first-class disciplines with global influence and distinctive features have been built up, which include 8 national first-class key disciplines and 13 national second-class key disciplines, 18 Jiangsu Province First-level Key Discipline,88 undergraduate majors and 38 national doctoral degrees authorized first-level disciplines. NJU ranks the first among China Universities(7th in the world) according to the Nature Index issued in 2019. Besides, QS World University Rankings of 2019 shows that 13 disciplines of NJU rank in the top 100 disciplines of universities around the world. As shown in Essential Science Indicators (ESI) issued by Thomson Reuters, 17 disciplines of NJU rank in the top 1% in the world.( Data statistics as of November 2019)

Powerful research platform
On the strength of its gold-medal, newly-emerging and interdisciplinary disciplines, NJU has made further headway according to trend of international academic frontiers and national strategic demands. It has established a high-standard research platform represented by a batch of national or provincial-level labs, engineering centers or key research bases. Steady program has been made in the construction of both scientific research and research forces.

Now, NJU has 1 national-level laboratory (under construction), 2 national-level coordination and innovation centers (2011 Program), 7 national key laboratories, 8 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 1 national-level engineering research center, 2 engineering centers of the Ministry of Education, 1 engineering and technology research center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and 4 humanities and social sciences research centers of the Ministry of Education

The first-class faculty
NJU focuses on pushing forward its development by training of talents. It has been devoted to the introduction and cultivation of talents. To provide powerful, systematic and holistic support for talent training, NJU unites professional forces during its development, cultivates young professionals during entrepreneurship and innovation practices, and shows considerable care for daily life of talents. The result is that a high-standard young faculty with global views and innovative abilities has been established.

In the faculty of NJU, there are 29 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 90 distinguished professors out of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 118 awardees of National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 11 national-level professors. NJU excels among Chinese universities in terms of the above numbers.

Outstanding students
NJU has been committed to cultivating potential industrial leaders and innovative talents with international views and practical skills. For bachelor program, NJU provide students with individualized courses, independent options, and diversified possibilities. The research program “Double Three Model” has been awarded the Prize in the Seventh National Higher-Education Achievements Award. NJU spares no efforts to push forward “4-3-3 PhD Students Education Reform”, planning to establish an ability-oriented interactive training mechanism.
Students at NJU are characterized by active mind and strong innovation ability. They have won numerous awards in Chinese and foreign competitions. The graduation employment rate has remained high and stable for many years, and the level of employment and quality have been continuously improved. NJU has been awarded the Prize in Model University for Employment of National Graduates.

Attractive Campus and Complete Living Facilities
Xianlin Campus of Nanjing University is well known for its notable international elements. With a floor space of about 1.2 million ㎡ and a green area of some 2.7 million ㎡, representing the highest standards of construction, modernization and intellectualization in China.
Xianlin Campus has convenient transportation and direct access to Metro Line 2. While providing students with adequate teaching and living facilities, this campus brings out the best of Nanjing University by its human and natural landscapes. The campus has the Jiuxianghe Wetland Park and Yangshanhu Park in its west, the science park in its north, the teaching quarters in its middle, and the Heyuan Faculty Residential Quarters (solely-owned property neighboring two school catchment areas and enjoying teaching resources of surrounding kindergartens and elementary and junior middle schools) on its south. It has been expanded into a large complex which integrates local community, teaching quarters, and science park into a single whole.
Gulou Campus sits in downtown area. As the former site of University of Nanking, it is now listed as a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level. Beidalou Building Groups are the landmark of Nanjing city, which fully displays traditional Chinese architectural styles. As a campus with a history of over a hundred years, it appears quiet and attractive throughout seasons of a years, boasting of rich traditions and spiritual legacies.

Joining Nanjing University
Nanjing University has established a talent incentive and training system from leading talents, young and middle-aged academic leaders to outstanding young talents. The system matches up with the national talent plan and provides talents of various disciplines and at different levels with promising opportunities.

National Overseas Youth Talent Program

Basic Qualifications
• Applicants must have a doctoral degree
• Three consecutive years of overseas work experience in related research field
• At least three years of continuous work in NJU
• Achieved outstanding academic performance with great development potential

Supported Conditions
• 500,000 yuan national tax-free subsidy
• An annual pay of no less than 400,000 yuan
• Purchasing a residential apartment at attractive price (30% of local commercial housing prices ) with substantial purchase subsidies
• At least 2 million yuan start-up funds from school and 1-3 million yuan from the state
• Offices and labs as well as strong support for establishing research forces and recruiting graduates.


Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Opportunities to Shine at Nanjing University