Heidelberg University (Uni Heidelberg)

Open Phd, Postdoc and Data Manager positions available to study Neural Circuits of Pain

Heidelberg University (Uni Heidelberg)

Heidelberg, Germany

Open Phd, Postdoc and Data Manager positions available to study Neural Circuits of Pain, Heidelberg, Germany

APPLY by 15. August 2019!!

The Heidelberg Pain Consortium (SFB 1158) ‘From nociception to chronic pain: Structure-function properties of neural pathways and their reorganisation’ was established in Heidelberg, Germany in July 2015. Twenty multidisciplinary projects involving forty groups spanning diverse top-class clinical and basic research institutions make this a remarkably vibrant and comprehensive collaborative centre.

Research in this collaborative research centre (CRC) promises to deliver a structural and functional understanding of circuits and networks underlying sensory and affective components of pain and their modulation by circumstances which induce structural reorganization and functional plasticity, including disease states, negative emotions and stress. A mechanistic analysis of chronic neuropathic pain of peripheral and central origin in rodent models and in human patients will be a strong focus.

In this consortium, we serve the academic colleagues by supporting initiatives that are of strategic importance for the research and development of the CRC. We are committed to support the young researchers at an early career stage by mentoring, developing their soft-skills, providing a networking environment and financial aid for the exchange and development of ideas. We believe in internationalization by connecting CRC researchers with acclaimed international scientists around the world. We strongly believe in gender equality measures and work-life balance of our scientists.

For more details about CRC and the application procedure for the open positions, please visit the career section of our website: www.sfb1158.de

Please apply via recruiter’s website.