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Notice on the Second Loyal Doctors’Forum for Youth Scholars of China Medical University

China Medical University

Shenyang, China

China Medical University (CMU) is located in Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province. It was formerly a higher medical institution administered by Ministry of Health, and was transformed into a co-constructed institution by Ministry of Health, Liaoning Provincial Government in the year of 2000. In 2015, CMU was jointly sponsored and administered by Ministry of Education, National Health Commission and Liaoning Provincial Government. We are committed to the motto of “Firm in political belief and outstanding at technical skills”, and are steadily moving towards the goal of building CMU into a “First-class in China, internationally renowned” medical institution.
CMU has 2 campuses, in Shenbei and Heping, with 15 colleges/schools and 4 institutes. CMU is authorized to grant degrees in 6 categories ranging from medicine, education, science, engineering, philosophy to management. It is authorized to grant 7 first-class doctoral degrees in Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Biology. It has 69 doctor degree programs, 74 master’s degree programs. It also has 5 national key academic disciplines: internal medicine (respiratory diseases), dermatology and venereology, surgery (general surgery), internal medicine (endocrine and metabolic diseases), labor health and environmental hygiene and 1 national key academic discipline in cultivation: imaging medicine and nuclear medicine. CMU has 40 national key clinical specialty construction projects; 59 provincial key clinical specialty projects, 7 provincial key clinical specialty construction projects and 7 Group A first-class distinctive disciplines of high education institutions in Liaoning Province; and CMU has 7 postdoctoral scientific research mobile stations in Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Biology, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy.
There are 1 National Research Center for Clinical Medicine, 1 National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center, 2 National Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Bases, 1 National Key Laboratory Cultivation Base under the administration of Ministry of Health and Liaoning Provincial Government, 3 Key Laboratories of Ministry of Education, 6 Key Laboratories of National Health Commission, 6 Provincial Engineering Research Centers (laboratories), 31 Provincial Key Laboratories, 5 Provincial Engineering Technology research centers, 17 Provincial Clinical Medicine Research Centers, 2 Provincial Clinical Medicine Collaborative Innovation Alliances, 2 Major Scientific and Technological Platforms among Universities in Liaoning Province, 1 Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center in 2011, 15 Key Laboratories among Universities in Liaoning Provinces, and 1 Provincial Key Targeted Medical and Health Care Laboratory.
CMU has 3 affiliated general hospitals and 2 specialized hospitals, with 11332 beds and 273 dental treatment chairs.
The series of academic activities of “Loyal Doctors’Forum” is the highest-level forums of China Medical University. The purpose of the forum this year is to build a platform for academic exchanges and exhibition of academic achievements for outstanding young talents at home and abroad. It will promote the interaction and exchanges of outstanding young scholars at home and abroad, strengthen cooperation in different research fields, enhance comprehensive understanding of CMU and attract outstanding young scholars to work at CMU through policy announcements, symposium, academic exchanges and recruiting events.
I. Schedule
Date: May 20th Activities: Deadline of Registration
Date: May 31st Activities: Deadline of Invitation
Date: June 21st Activities: Registration of the Participants
Date: June 22nd, forenoon Activities: Main Forum
Date: June 22nd, afternoon Activities: Sub Forum
II. Participants Invited
In principle, the Participants should be not more than 40 years old (especially excellent scholars are not subject to age restrictions). The Participants should have a doctoral degree from a renowned university at home and abroad, or be the personnel who does the scientific research at a postdoctoral mobile station, or those young scholars who have made certain achievements or have potential for development in basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, biology, stomatology, public health and preventive medicine, nursing and pharmacy, or young teachers who have outstanding teaching achievements in related disciplines.
Requirements for the Participants:
1. Top-notch young talents of the National “Ten Thousand People Program”, young Yangtze River Scholars, winners of Outstanding Youth Fund of NSFC, etc, or those who declare the above-mentioned talent projects for second-round evaluation, or those who have the potential to declare the above-mentioned talent projects.
2. Persons who are holding the positions of professor assistant or above in well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad, have published representative high-level papers and undertaken high-level scientific research projects; persons who have outstanding capacities in teaching, medical treatment and health care, transformation of scientific research achievements, or research and development of new drugs and equipment; and other outstanding young talents who have reached the same academic level as mentioned.
3. Persons who have obtained doctoral degrees from well-known universities at home and abroad; or the personnel who does the scientific research at the postdoctoral mobile station; or the excellent young scholars with outstanding academic achievements and great potential for development.
III. Attendance allowance
All eligible young scholars who applied for attending the Youth Scholars Forum will be confirmed and be posted Letter of Invitation by CMU. Those eligible young scholars will be provided with free accommodations, meals and round-trip transportation fees (The upper limit of international travel expenses for the participant from European and American regions is RMB 15,000; the upper limit of international travel expenses for the participant from Asia-Pacific regions is RMB 8,000; the upper limit of travel expenses for the participant from home is RMB 5,000.) during the forum.
IV. Registration and Contact Information
Interested persons are requested to send your academic resumes, representative published works as the first author/correspondent (less than 10 papers, mark the IF value of the year published) and other materials reflecting your academic achievements to the mailbox:
Department of research administration, please contact: Mr. Ge
Tel: 024-31939078.
HR Department, please contact: Ms. Zhao
Tel: 024-31939638.
Department of International Affairs, please contact: Ms. Liu
Tel: 024-31939094.
Department of Development Planning and Discipline Construction, please contact: Mr. Shan
Tel: 024-31939052.

China Medical University
April 27, 2019


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Notice on the Second Loyal Doctors’Forum for Youth Scholars of China Medical University