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Saitama, Japan

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Laboratory Head: 1 position (full professor level)


Research Field and Overview

RIKEN’s research is based on comprehensiveness and interdisciplinarity, and with free thinking as its basic philosophy, RIKEN promotes research that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional research fields, while at the same time responding to the needs of society from a strategic perspective.


RIKEN invites applications for the position of Laboratory Head (indefinite-term employment position) to serve in a leadership position in the following research area. The successful candidate will be responsible for directing research projects from a medium-to-long-term perspective.


Field: Chemical biology of bioactive molecules

Chemical biology, a multidisciplinary field that integrates chemistry and biology, permits discovery and design of chemical tools to explore the principles of life that cannot be elucidated by conventional methods. This enabling field of study also plays an important role in contributing to the society through the pharmaceutical and agrochemical innovations. The RIKEN CSRS invites applications for the next generation of leaders in the chemical biology field. The successful candidate will be expected to cover some or all of the following areas: (i) expansion and development of RIKEN’s natural product library as a chemical biology resource, (ii) development of unique approaches to discovering and designing unprecedented bioactive molecules, (iii) molecular elucidation of the underlying mechanisms of action of unique bioactive molecules, (iv) elucidation of the biosynthetic mechanism of microbial and plant-derived compounds and their application, and (v) molecular understanding of the interactions among microorganisms, plants, and animals in ecosystems.


RIKEN CSRS is looking for highly motivated individuals who can conduct chemical biology research including discovery, creation, and the mechanism of action of bioactive molecules with a broad perspective that spans health and the environment.


Research funds including personnel expenses will be allocated to operate the laboratory.

Upon appointment, start-up expenses for the laboratory will be allocated.



The application must arrive no later than noon, January 17, 2022 (Japan Standard Time)


Start of Employment

RIKEN expects that the successful candidate will be able to take up this position at the earliest opportunity on or after October 1, 2022.


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Please apply via recruiter’s website.