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Lab Manager - Zhang Lab

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Boston, MA, United States

Job Description

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is a science philanthropy whose mission is to advance biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity. We empower exceptional scientists and students to pursue fundamental questions about living systems, and work to share scientific discoveries with researchers, students, and science-curious individuals around the world.  Founded in 1953 by aviator and industrialist Howard R. Hughes, HHMI is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and employs more than 2,500 people across the U.S.


We currently have an opening for a Lab Manager in the lab of Dr. Yi Zhang at Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Zhang’s lab studies how epigenetic modification-mediated dynamic changes in chromatin structure affect gene expression, cell lineage commitment, stem cell pluripotency and self-renewal, brain reward and addiction, and the development and treatment of human diseases.  The work done by the lab contributes to our understanding of how diseases such as diabetes, neurological diseases, drug addiction, and cancer develop.


This role will be a key part of the lab – serving as a lynchpin to keep the lab running efficiently and effectively.  Ideal candidates will be incredibly organized, have a background in science or prior science training, interested in science administration, and have a strong desire to help move science forward.  This is an opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the running of a lab – ensuring a positive and encouraging work environment that fosters a strong and cohesive team.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Lab Operations:   60%.

  • Oversee and/or implement all policies governing the operation of the laboratory.
  • Be responsible for laboratory safety, protocols, equipment purchasing and maintenance procedures, monitoring of laboratory inventory, maintenance of laboratory server documents, orientation of new laboratory staff and lab personnel checkout procedures.
  • Coordinate candidate postdoc interviews, manage space and office assignments, oversee glass washing staff, as well as coordinate the annual lab retreat and other social functions
  • Coordinate lab orientation of all new lab members - arranging for email accounts, IDs and building access, ensuring all paperwork for HR and Payroll are prepared according to guidelines and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Along with other duties as assigned by the Principle Investigator, the candidate will serve as a resource for both students and staff for a variety of issues.



Host Liaison – 20%.

  • Act as the primary point of contact in laboratory for all HHMI administrative requirements and reports in coordination with the Science Operations Managers and other Science Operations staff
  • Act as liaison with other host institution departments, including the Safety Office, Student services, Finance/Accounting, HR, etc.
  • May verify authorization to work within the U.S., as well as coordinate with host departments on transfers to/from host institute budgets.
  • May coordinate requests for visas by working with employees, Investigator, and OAS/Host Institution International
  • Work with Investigators to coordinate all Associate appointments/ re-appointments. Ensure accuracy in the overall process, including appropriate documentation for initial appointment, monitoring appointment end dates, timely submission of paperwork and work with the investigator to ensure equity in salary determination.
  • Creating and maintaining laboratory files, as well as Host Institution and HHMI policies/procedures


Administration: 20%

  • Provide comprehensive administrative support to the Investigator
  • Maintain Investigator’s schedule and organizes all domestic and international travel arrangements
  • Maintain multiple and complex office calendars and coordinate meetings, conferences, special events, and activities between labs and other outside parties



Preferred Qualifications:


  • BS/BA in biochemistry, biology, or related fields
  • Proven knowledge and work experience in a lab, research-based, or scientific-oriented environment
  • Organization skills and ability to plan effectively
  • Strong communication and record keeping skills
  • Knowledge of computer and MS office software, as well as Mac software
  • Must be a team player able to interact effectively with a large group and work independently


Required Skills

Required Experience

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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