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Jobs & Talent at the Helmholtz Association

Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres e.V.



The Helmholtz Association’s annual budget of some €4.24 billion directly creates over 38,000 jobs. To see our open opportunities please click here.


Maintaining a positive learning environment for talented early career researchers (ECRs) is a strategic priority for the Helmholtz Association. The Association’s Initiative and Networking Fund (or President’s Strategic Fund) finances programmes which enhance talent management strategies at the 18 Research Centres (the members of the Association).
Overall strategic aims include:

  • engaging children and young people in science
  • training highly-skilled technicians and apprentices
  • recruiting highly-talented researchers and science managers
  • providing structured PhD programmes with university partners
  • supporting postdoctoral development
  • training highly-talented junior research group leaders
  • providing management training for talented researchers science managers
  • addressing equality of access to senior research careers, especially regarding women.

All research centres are committed to training the next generation of scientists, science managers and technicians who run the science infrastuture without which experiments would be impossible.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.