IPE 08-19 Internship: Web-based monitoring of large-scale data in scientific experiments

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

Work group:

Institute for Data Processing and Electronics (IPE)

Area of research:

Work placement

Job description:

Complex and distributed data acquisition systems are used to operate modern scientific experiments. The data rates are growing rapidly. More and more interaction between measurement and simulation subsystems and data storage in a traceable and referenceable manner is required. On the other hand recently new technologies have been introduced, that significantly increasing computing throughput by Parallel & GPU computing, Grids and Clouds or enable interactive web applications (HTML5, WebGL, WebCL). This gives rise to the adoption of these new technologies and to combine data management and scientific computing.

The work is embedded in a project that aims to develop a new platform for storage of large archives of multi-dimensional time series data. Our objective is to design a flexible data management platform and on top of it to build customizable data portals for upcoming scientific experiments. The student will join project and contribute code to various parts of the system in both data management backend and web frontends.

Required Skills

The student is expected possess good knowledge of the latest web technologies and to be able to program in either Python or PhP. Experiences in popular JavaScript frameworks are welcome but not necessary. Experiences in mobile applications and/or WebCL/WebGL are a plus. Basic knowledge of database technology is a plus as well.

Experience gained

Web application development; Visualization of scientific data; Data management for large scientific facilities.

Contract Duration

limited, according to the study regulations

Contact person

Suren Chilingaryan, IPE, Phone: +49 721 / 608 26579 (suren.chilingaryan@kit.edu)

Andreas Kopmann, IPE (andreas.kopmann@kit.edu)

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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