IPE 05-19 Bachelor- or Masterthesis: Exploring Sintered Metal Matrix Composites for High Temperature Power Electronics

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

Work group:

Institute for Data Processing and Electronics (IPE)

Area of research:

Diploma & Master Thesis

Job description:

Packaging technology for power semiconductors provides immediate heat spreading and removal and has to ensure electrical and thermomechanical integrity over the entire module lifetime. At junction temperatures of 225°C and beyond, however, typical solder alloys used for die bonding embrittle or melt. Sintered metallic nano-/microparticle pastes in turn provide low electrical and thermal resistance with good thermal cycling performance and a first step in reducing mismatch of coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) between chip and substrate.

This thesis addresses the need for sintering materials with significantly reduced CTE to alleviate stresses in the immediate vicinity of the chip surfaces and active structures by investigating the preparation, mechanical and microstructural properties of sintered metal matrix composites containing metalized carbon fibers.

Aspects of your work

prepartion of novel carbon fiber (CF) metal matrix composites based on Ag and Cu sinter pastesinsights into paste processing behavior and compatibility with stencil and screen printingeffects of fiber concentration, length and pre-treatment on shear strength and thermal expansionelectrical, mechanical and thermal performance of die attach layers composed of CF-MMCs

Study of electrical or mechanical engineering, physics, or material science.

Contract Duration

according the study regulations

Contact person in line-management

Helge Wurst, phone:  0721/ 608 29148 , helge.wurst@kit.edu

Dr. Thomas Blank, phone: 0721/ 608 25618 , thomas.blank@kit.edu

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