INR 01-19 Bachelor-/ Masterthesis or Internship: Dynamic Modelling of Power Conversion System for a Fusion Power Plant

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

Work group:

Institute for Neutron Physics and Reactor Technology (INR)

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Work placement

Job description:

This bachelor / master thesis / internship foresees the modelling of the main components of power conversion system (PCS),  i.e. steam generator, steam turbine, etc. A preliminary dynamic                PCS model is already available and should be further adapted to specific conditions of DEMO FPP. The understanding of the interfaces among the components of PCS is essential for a safe and reliable DEMO FPP operation. The scope here is the improvement of the stability and efficiency of the modelled power conversion system. The program MATLAB/SIMULINK will be used for the modelling.

During the bachelor / master thesis / internship, the student will fulfil the following tasks:

1. Study of required input and output parameters for the dynamic Power Conversion System model in MATLAB/SIMULINK

2. Integrate the main mathematical equations via MATLAB needed for the dynamic PCS model

3. Preliminary design of the first components of dynamic PCS model via MATLAB/SIMULINK

The results will be summarized in written form and discussed during a presentation.

The bachelor / master thesis or an internship report  can be written either in German or in English.


MATLAB/SIMULINK program would be used for extension of dynamic model to study the dynamic behaviour of power conversion system of DEMO fusion power plant.

Bachelor / Master thesis: possibility to write in English or GermanInterest and motivation for field of energy technologyBasic knowledge in MATLAB/SIMULINK are advantageousIndependent, motivated and structured workContract duration

up to 6 months

Contact person in line-management

Maria Bologa (M.Sc.)


Tel.: +49721/608-23629

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