Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS)

Independent Research Group Leader for Simulation of Biological Systems

Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS)

Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

The Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) is an international research institute for interdisciplinary Theoretical Research and Artificial Intelligence in the Rhine-Main-Area. It is an institute with activities in Natural Sciences, Life Sciences & Neurosciences and Computer Sciences, dedicated to cross-disciplinary research and to promotion of young scientists. FIAS is positioned in the heart of the Science-Campus Riedberg hosting apart from FIAS also the institutes of life science and science departments of the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Max-Planck Institutes for Biophysics und Brain Research and the Frankfurter Innovation center FIZ. In addition, Frankfurt with its global internet hub, the active software enterprises, and its strategic importance in fields of finance, medicine, mobility and pharmaceutic industry (and their large data sets) eager to cooperate with fundamental sciences creates a superb environment for researcher at FIAS. At the same time, the hierarchy at FIAS is flat and all fellows have same rights and obligations. If you are creative, motivated and dedicated to fundamental science, you will find a perfect environment for the development of your career as

Independent Quandt-Foundation Research Group Leader

for Simulation of Biological Systems at FIAS (Research Fellow)

The research group leader position can be filled starting from 01.01.2020 and it is funded for up to five years. The salary grade is based on the requirementsof the collective agreement (TV-L-H) applicable to FIAS. The research group will be integrated into the state funded CMMS LOEWE project ( unifying more than 20 different PIs with the aim of developing Methods and Applications for Multiscale Modeling in Life Sciences.

The focus of the research group is the development of novel approaches for simulation of cellular systems ranging from molecular details to cellular structures and organizations, as well as their application. FIAS is open to all types of strategies and forms of applications. It is anticipated that modern approaches also consider AI-strategies. An interaction with the biological questions of CMMS would be beneficial. Frankfurt has a Tier-2 supercomputer, which is available for processing of models.

We are looking for a candidate with Ph.D. in science with experience in the field of simulation of complex systems. In particular, useful would be experience with the analysis of biological systems. A co-affiliation with the Goethe University or a Max-Planck-Institute is possible, but is subject to negotiation.

The FIAS would like to promote women in science and therefore and therefore strongly encourages female scientists to apply. People with disabilities are given preferential consideration if they have the same aptitude. The return to work after parental leave is encouraged. Jobs are generally divisible if the tasks do not conflict with this.

Please upload your electronic documents including a letter of motivation addressed to the board of FIAS, your CV, your publication list, a one-page description of your research goal with respect to the theme and one-page with addresses for recommendations at our application portal ( by latest 29th of September 2019.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.