IMT 11-19 Master Thesis: Fabrication and characterisation of inductive levitation micro-actuators

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

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Diploma & Master Thesis

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Electromagnetic levitation is defined as the stable or indifferent equilibrium of a body without material contact to its surrounding environment, which is reached by means of stored electromagnetic energy inducing, in turn, the ponderamotive forces acting on the levitated body and equilibrating gravitational forces. Electromechanical systems implement the principle of electromagnetic levitation on a micro-scale is referred as electromagnetic levitation micro-systems or levitation micro-systems.

Levitation micro-systems offer a fundamental solution to overcome the domination of friction over inertial forces at the micro-scale. This fact makes levitation micro-systems to be very attractive for their applications in micro-inertial-sensors, micro-motors, switches, micro-accelerators, particle traps, digital micro-fluidics, nano-force sensors, micro-transporters, micro-bearings and etc.

The main goal of the master project will be to fabricate and characterise 2D array of inductive levitation micro-actuators.

Obtained results of the master thesis will be applied for our current project aimed on the developing a 2D array of cooperative hybrid levitation micro-actuators for supporting the levitation of arbitrary shaped micro-objects, performing their linear and angular positioning and transportation.

Link to YouTube video of micro-devices based on inductive levitation developed by our group:


Hybrid levitation micro-actuator:

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