IAI 01-19 Master Thesis: A Generic Microservice-based Framework for Scheduling of Distributed Energy Resources Using Population-based Metaheuristics

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

Work group:

Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics (IAI)

Area of research:

Diploma & Master Thesis

Job description:

In this thesis, a new concept to schedule DERs based on forecasting and the results of related simulators will be developed. The framework introduced in 1 will be adapted to carry out the  equired tasks based on two cutting-edge technologies, namely containers and microservices. The EA GLEAM (General Learning Evolutionary Algorithm and Method) 2 will be used to obtain the desired results.

Student of computer science, electrical engineering or related disciplines

Contract Duration

limited to 3-6 months.

Contact person:

Hatem Khalloof, M.Sc.

E-mail: hatem.khalloof@kit.edu

Phone: 0721 / 608 24123

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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