GTP-2020-TEC-MPC: Graduate or Master Student specialized in a technical or scientific discipline - Chemical Propulsion Systems Analysis and Design (GTP-2020-TEC-MPC)

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Köln, Germany

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Have you (almost) completed your degree studies? Are you inspired by space exploration and keen to pursue a career in this exciting field? If so, perhaps you should take a closer look at the German Trainee Programme. Organised by DLR, it offers you the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with experts from the 22 member states of ESA – keeping your finger on the pulse of Europe‘s space programmes. Over a period up to 24 months, you will actively contribute to the latest research and/or technology projects. This is complemented by a generous scholarship. What better way to launch your career in international space business? The next GTP commences on 1st February 2020.

This is your opportunity to join the team at ESTEC – Noordwijk, Netherlands
Chemical Propulsion Systems Analysis and Design (GTP-2020-TEC-MPC)

The Propulsion Engineering Section (TEC-MPC) has the following tasks:

provide expert technical support and consultancy in launcher propulsion (liquid, including storable and cryogenic technologies, and solid propulsion) and spacecraft (various chemical propulsion technologies) to the Agency project teams responsible for the development of launchers and spacecraft, throughout all project phases contribute to the preparation of work plans in the areas of launcher and spacecraft propulsion in the Agency’s technological programmes prepare  and  manage,  from  a  technical  perspective,  ESA  contracts  for  studies,  experimental investigations and engineering development activities in space propulsion


You will perform model development and implementation, supporting engineering cross check activities. You will apply high-level methods to provide rough estimates for various engineering problems of spacecraft, following on-going development projects.

Furthermore, you will support pre phase A studies, such as those performed in CDF (Concurrent Design Facility) sessions and will use these studies to improve the analysis tools.
During those activities you will have the opportunity to learn a great deal about various aspects of spacecraft propulsion systems and associated design problems, which are characteristic for the individual project phases.

You will deal with topics such as:

performing trade-offs between different propulsion systems for given applications calculation of propellant and pressurant budget according to mission profile evaluation of overall engine performance for different propellant combinations, pressure levels etc. propulsion feedline pressure drop and water hammer analysis support of tests (water hammer, passivation, …) in the propulsion laboratory analysis of end of life tank pressure evolution assessment of trajectories and resulting Δv needs set up and maintenance of a propulsion components database

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