GTP-2020-EOP-SMA(2): Graduate or Master Student specialized in Physics, Meteorology or similar - Aeolus Aerosol Algorithms and Science (GTP-2020-EOP-SMA(2))

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Köln, Germany

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Have you (almost) completed your degree studies? Are you inspired by space exploration and keen to pursue a career in this exciting field? If so, perhaps you should take a closer look at the German Trainee Programme. Organised by DLR, it offers you the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with experts from the 22 member states of ESA – keeping your finger on the pulse of Europe‘s space programmes. Over a period up to 24 months, you will actively contribute to the latest research and/or technology projects. This is complemented by a generous scholarship. What better way to launch your career in international space business? The next GTP commences on 1st February 2020.

This is your opportunity to join the team at ESTEC – Noordwijk, Netherlands
Aeolus Aerosol Algorithms and Science (GTP-2020-EOP-SMA)

You will be part of the Atmospheric Section in the Earth and Mission Science Division. Our responsibility includes the definition and supervision of scientific studies for ESA’s atmospheric satellite missions, and we are acting as a focal point for interactions between ESA and the scientific and operational user communities.
ESA’s Earth Explorer Wind Mission Aeolus, launched on 22 August 2018, is providing timely and accurate profiles of the world’s winds along with information on aerosols and clouds. Aeolus will not only advance our understanding of atmospheric dynamics and provide much needed information to improve weather forecasts, but will also contribute to climate research. The Aeolus satellite carries a single instrument – a Doppler wind lidar called Aladin. This sophisticated instrument is the first wind lidar in space and is designed to probe the lowermost 30 km of the atmosphere along the satellite’s orbital path. In support of the Aeolus calibration, validation and scientific data exploitation, the Aladin Airborne Demonstrator (A2D) has been developed by Airbus DS and DLR. This instrument has been flown by DLR on the DLR Falcon aircraft for a number of pre- and post-launch campaigns, with upcoming Arctic and Tropical campaigns in September 2019 and July 2018. Algorithms have been developed under ESA contract and at ESA for the retrieval of atmospheric backscatter and extinction information from the Aeolus satellite and the A2D. These shall be further developed to support the retrieval of aerosol information and their scientific exploitation during the Aeolus mission lifetime.


further develop the scientific algorithm, developed at ESA for the retrieval of aerosol backscatter and extinction coefficient profiles from the Aladin Airborne Demonstrator (A2D), and apply it to Aeolus pre- and post-launch campaign data perform atmospheric optical properties retrieval from Aeolus observations using the Aeolus prototype L2A software, including refinement and evolution of the code where needed to optimise the scene classification module using auxiliary meteorological information available together with the L1B product compare A2D and Aeolus L2A optical properties products for Aeolus post-launch campaigns and analyse the data for product quality and data processing improvement purposes support the preparation and analysis of the airborne Tropical Aeolus Validation campaign by analysing existing and new satellite and airborne data support the overall scientific exploitation of Aeolus satellite, Cal/Val and campaign data for the atmospheric optical properties product through the selection of relevant case studies support upcoming ESA R&D activities for the retrieval of aerosol information from Aeolus in synergy with ground-based and other satellite observations

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