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Group Leader - Scientific Management - Immunology

University Hospital Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany

The Department of Molecular Medicine II is looking for a highly motivated MD or PhD graduate for a group leader/scientific management position who is interested to work in the field of immunology including cancer immunology and chronic virus infections. In particular, the innate and adaptive immune system will be analyzed by investigating cancer immunity and virus infection in vivo and in vitro systems. The aim is to understand the development of chronic virus infections and/or progressive cancer growth and to develop therapeutic strategies with basic research techniques. The applicant will help manage the Department of Molecular Medicine II with the possibility to lead their own research team, based on the applicants’ qualifications. Proficiency in the German language (oral and written) and 3 or more years of experience conducting animal experiments are required.

Detailled Information can be found at:

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Please submit a CV and a list of publications electronically to molmed2@uni-duesseldorf.de.


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Group Leader - Scientific Management - Immunology