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Generate Human Eggs -- Cell Differentiation Scientist

Ovid Research

Berkeley or San Francisco, CA, United States

Ovid Research is looking for a Scientist focused on cellular differentiation to join our team.

We are a start-up trying to create viable human eggs from induced pluripotent stem cells. Successful development of our research could have many benefits. It could:

-Remove age limits on motherhood
-Allow for easy screening of eggs with harmful genetic mutations
-Potentially allow same-sex couples to reproduce

To accomplish our goal, we must derive helper somatic cells called granulosa cells as well. While we know how to derive egg progenitor cells, this is a new area of cell differentiation that must be figured out. The right answer here might be differentiating them from IPS cells or other cell types.

In the job, you would:
-Conceive experiment designs
-Determine what data will be necessary to gather
-Analyze public data that already has been published
-Create functional assays to know if cells are properly developing
-Derive cells as proof of concept, and then ultimately for clinical application
-Explore technologies and systems to more quickly / cheaply iterate on experiments

Valuable experience and knowledge:
-PhD Degree in biology, biotechnology, or equivalent (required)
-Experience with cell/tissue culture (required)
-Tissue handling and dissection
-Experience interpreting bioinformatic data
-Past experience of cell differentiation / transduction from different cell types
-Knowledge of ovarian follicular development and ovarian physiology
-Familiarity with fetal biological development

It is ok if you do not have all the above skills or experience — we care more about aptitude and mission alignment than past experience, and we are willing to help you learn.

We are currently a small team, but we are funded and well connected in Silicon Valley. We offer competitive salaries, company equity, and excellent health benefits. Our lab is in Berkeley, but it is an easy commute from San Francisco.

To learn more about the mouse proof of concept we are now developing in human, see https://www.nature.com/articles/nature20104

Please email matt@ovidresearch.com if you’d like to learn more.


Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Generate Human Eggs -- Cell Differentiation Scientist