The Chinese Institute for Brain Research (CIBR)

Faculty Positions at the Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR)

The Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR)

Beijing, China

The Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR) was established in March, 2018 by the Beijing Municipal Government and seven institutions in Beijing. Founded to be a pillar of the China Brain Initiative, CIBR aims to support a vibrant interdisciplinary program in neuroscience and its related disciplines, with both basic and applied research focused ultimately on improving human health. CIBR will also take responsibility for coordinating research institutes and managing research programs under the guidance of the China Brain Initiative and Beijing Brain Initiative and making Beijing the world epicenter for neuroscience and brain-inspired computation. CIBR has established 10 independent research labs and 7 core facilities. It has also established joint student programs with 7 top universities.

CIBR is now recruiting scientists to lead individual labs and recruiting independent postdoctoral fellows to further their research in a highly innovative and cooperative environment.

1. Outstanding colleagues (50 internationally-selected PIs and >1000 researchers within 5 years );
2. First-class facilities ( 60,000 m2 research space, 10 state-of-the-art core facilities, excellent engineering and technical support teams, and 30K animal cages );
3. Interdisciplinary programs (basic neuroscience, biotechnology development, diseases and clinical research, computational neuroscience, and artificial intelligence )
4. Extensive collaboration opportunities (near numerous top universities,
research institutes, hospitals, and biotech companies );
5. Free and open research culture (stable strong support for exploratory research; no need of grant application );
6. International (International Advisory Board, international review, and international administrative support).


Principal Investigators (PIs)
Applications for PI positions at multiple levels Assistant, Associate, and Full Investigatorship) are welcome. PIs are expected to conduct outstanding research in any area of neuroscience or in brain-inspired computing.

Qualified PI candidates should have a doctoral degree with appropriate postdoctoral training. Successful candidates are being selected based on their scientific qualifications, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity. CIBR will actively coordinate with PIs to support their access to relevant national programs.

CIBR provides generous start-up packages, internationally competitive salaries/benefits, and six years of stable funding that is renewable upon successful reviews by our highly accomplished international guiding committee. CIBR is establishing truly state-of-the-art core facilities to enable and support cutting-edge biomedical and computational research and technology development. Moreover, CIBR provides strong administrative support and outstanding graduate and postdoctoral programs. These resources will enable each PI to freely pursue research of long-term major impact.

Research Fellows
CIBR invites applications for Research Fellow positions. Fellows will be expected to undertake outstanding research in any area of neuroscience or in brain-inspired computing.

Qualified Research Fellow candidates should have obtained their doctoral degree within two years. Successful candidates will be selected based on their scientific potential. CIBR provides benefits including generous funding, research space, mentorship, and an initial appointment period of up to 5 years.


Applicants for both PI and Research Fellow positions should submit a CV, a statement of research interests & future plan (three pages), and arrange to have at least three letters of recommendation sent to the CIBR Search Committee. Review of applications is ongoing, and will continue until the available positions are filled.

We will provide on-site advisory during 2019 annual SfN conference at exhibition BOOTH 2055, welcome to join in CIBR and create history here.

Contact: Lubin Tan, PhD (Assistant to Directors)
Cellphone:+86 188 0101 3744
Address: The Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR), NO.26
Science Park Road, ZGC Life Science Park, Changping District, Beijing, China, 102206


Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Faculty Positions at the Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR)