ETI 02-19 Master Thesis: Further development and Optimization for the Hybrid Off-Grid Techno-Economic Model (HOTEM)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

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Diploma & Master Thesis

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A key element of providing an economically feasible off-grid system for electricity demand in remote areas is the techno-economic modeling of the system over its lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary for the planning phase to have a software tool for the best configuration and components sizing of the hybrid system. With such a tool different system scenarios and solutions for ending global energy poverty through off-grid hybrid renewable electricity systems (OHRES) can be evaluated.       


Further modelling of the hybrid system components (PV, Wind, Batteries, etc) and the identification of major indicators affecting the reliability of the system.Development of the energy management system to control energy production from the hybrid system.Further enhancement of the WACC economic analysis boundary conditions currently used in the model to include further dynamic financial figures as the internal rate of return (IRR), and depot service coverage ratio (DSCR).Development of the storage modelling to differentiate between different battery types (lead-acid, Lithium-ion and hybrid battery storage).Developing a user friendly GUI for HOTEMIntegrating HOTEM with OSDAP (Off-grid Systems Data Analysis Platform). Adapting the whole HOTEM from Matlab scripting to Python.Include an existing LCA analysis modelling into HOTEM

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