U.S. Anti-Doping Agency

Director of Science

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Director of Science

REPORTS TO: Chief Science Officer

FLSA: Exempt

SUPERVISES: Data Analytics Program Lead, Expert Consultants

Last revised: February 2020


Integrating a broad scientific experience, the Director of Science will provide leadership, expertise and guidance across USADA’s anti-doping programs, working in collaboration with the Chief Scientific Officer. This important role supports internal day-to-day anti-doping operations across Olympic, Paralympic and professional sport programs including laboratory results review, legal cases, investigations, testing, drug reference, communications, Doping Control Officer operations and education teams with expert scientific knowledge and review, as well as evidence-based guidance and project leadership. This role is responsible for supervising and supporting the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) program including liaising with USADA’s external Athlete Passport Management Unit and ensuring day-to-day compliance with WADA International Standards and Technical Documents. In addition, the Director of Science is responsible for integrating a risk-based scientific approach to USADA’s test distribution plan to maximize detection and deterrence in cooperation with the testing team.


• Provide daily scientific expertise, insights and direction to support internal anti-doping operations across USADA’s functional areas by working in close cooperation with other departments
• Understand and translate scientific principles and evidence into sound operational decision-making, timely and accurate scientific monitoring, guidance, and best practices in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code and related International Standards and other anti-doping policy and procedures.
• Provide accurate and timely scientific review, advice and support to assist USADA’s legal and investigations matters.
• Understand, monitor and assess the risk of existing and new doping agents and patterns of adverse analytical findings (‘positive tests’) which may impact testing, storage and reanalysis strategies, legal cases, athlete education, and investigations.
• Assist in development, measurement and reporting of new measures of anti-doping program effectiveness such as athlete surveys, deterrence metrics, and quality monitoring.
• Develop and manage priority scientific projects in collaboration with the Chief Science Officer and internal teams to effectively gather, assess, report and implement state-of-the-art samples collection strategies using different biological matrices which are athlete-friendly and scientifically fit-for-purpose.
• Support the Chief Science Officer in planning and executing the Annual USADA Symposium on Anti-Doping Science
• Draft manuscripts and publish research findings to complement USADA’s science and research goals.
• In collaboration with USADA’s external Athlete Passport Management Unit, manage the daily maintenance, interpretation and action plan for both hematological and steroid longitudinal athlete data sets to drive effective deterrence and detection.
• Responsible for proposing and developing novel and creative scientific strategies to improve the sensitivity and specificity of the longitudinal indirect biomarkers approach using new innovative tools such as artificial intelligence, and other big data approaches which translate into operational efficiencies.
• Liaise with legal, testing, education and communication teams to gather, process, review and inform on information relevant to the athlete biological passport program, including testing strategies and additional sample analyses where warranted.
• Communicate regularly with and build strong relationships external partners at National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), International Federations (IFs), WADA-accredited laboratories, and external scientific experts to develop and maintain working partnerships which allow USADA to understand the global landscape, maintain scientific excellence and influence as an important global leader with best practices and innovation in testing and the Athlete Biological Passport.
• Serve as an expert on national and international collaboration efforts to advance the effectiveness and accountability of the global fight against doping where required.
• In collaboration with the Data Analytics Lead, direct and monitor the day-to-day maintenance of the internal technological tools and reports necessary for an effective biological passport program and propose advancements as necessary to improve features, processes and efficiencies across anti-doping-programs (e.g. performance monitoring and test distribution planning).
• In collaboration with external experts, maintain and act on ABP status reports for USADA’s Olympic and Paralympic testing program, as well as other major fee-for-service clients.
• Collaborate with the testing team to maximize specific testing strategies and opportunities for sample collection (both in-competition and out-of-competition strategies).
• Establish qualitative and quantitative metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of the ABP program and report regularly.


• Maintain confidentiality at all times
• Demonstrate attention to detail, scientific reasoning and exemplary communications
• Recommend necessary updates and revisions to USADA protocol and procedures
WADA Prohibited and Monitoring List updates
• Projects and other duties as assigned
• Domestic and international travel as required


• Requires Master’s or Ph.D. Degree in Biological or Life Sciences (clinical chemistry, biochemistry, physiology,
molecular biology, pharmacology);
• Experience in and knowledge of the field of anti-doping, national and international sport
• Knowledge of analytical chemistry/laboratory science an asset
• Computer science/IT and statistical skills are an asset
• Minimum five (5) years in a related field of work
• Minimum five (5) years successful work experience with staff management, supervision,
and process creation
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to work flexible hours as needed
• Ability to work without supervision
• Ability to multitask and to work accurately under pressure
• Excellent organizational skills
• Able to meet tight deadlines
• Moderate proficiency in MS Programs (Word, Excel, Outlook) and working knowledge of statistical analysis
tools (e.g. GraphPad Prism, Matlab)


• Drug testing procedure knowledge
• Knowledge of scientific and legal aspects of doping control
• Work or personal experience in elite sport

Please apply via recruiter’s website.