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Director of Sano Centre for Computational Medicine / R&D Institute

Sano Centre for Computational Medicine

Kraków, Poland

Name of the Position – Director of Sano Centre for Computational Medicine / R&D Institute

Qualification – PhD in bioengineering / computational sciences / computational medicine / related to Life Science

Job type – Head / Managing Director

Discipline – Computational Medicine / Life Science

Hours – Full-Time job

Duration – Permanent

About us

The Sano Centre for Computational Medicine is a new International Scientific Foundation located in Kraków, Poland.

With substantial support from the Polish Foundation for Science and the European Commission, Sano aims to become a major driving force for European advancement in the rapidly growing field of computational medicine, developing sophisticated engineering methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, to meet the overarching worldwide need for efficient, effective and radically streamlined healthcare systems.

Sano now invites an experienced and visionary Scientific Leader with a background in Computational Medicine to take on the opportunity of leading this unique Centre of Excellence.

Sano, a major new translational scientific institute, will combine expertise in bioengineering, large-scale high-performance computing and machine-learning-based decision science with fundamental biomarker identification using advanced simulation and data analysis methods. As a core technology and expertise provider for industry, it will foster modernisation, innovation and increased productivity.

Operationally, Sano strategically combines the most prestigious scientific grant currently available from the national Polish Foundation for Science (FNP) – the International Research Agenda Programme (IRAP) – with one of the most competitive grants in the EU’s H2020 programme, Teaming for Excellence. Combined with additional Polish Ministry of Science guarantees, the Centre has secured investment exceeding €30M. With this scale of funding, and aided by an excellent European partnership network, we can be confident that Sano will bring a critical mass to this transformational field of research, in order to translate scientific advancement into clinical practice.

To be successful, Sano requires an ambitious, professional, passionate and experienced Director to lead the Centre and determine its research directions. This role will have significant impact on the successful implementation of Sano’s programmes of innovative research in applied computational medicine. The Director must therefore bring professional experience reflecting a broad scientific background in computational medicine, and possess an excellent track-record in research, particularly in the in silico domain.

Read more about Sano: www.sano.science

Job Summary

The Role of Director
As the Director of Sano you will have a unique chance to lead change, in the field of computationally-enhanced diagnostics and treatment in the clinics of tomorrow. Your role will formally be threefold:

  • As the President of the Sano Management Board you will be strategically responsible for the Centre – which is currently in its establishment phase – as a challenging yet rewarding endeavour; your leadership will be instrumental in acquisition of top talents for the Centre
  • As a Research Group Leader you will lead your own research group within Sano
  • As the International Research Agenda Project Manager you will design and oversee implementation of the ambitious programme of in silico medicine research and translation.

In all tasks you will be assisted by outstanding professionals in key fields, including science, medicine, healthcare, grant acquisition, IPR management and business development, together with clinical and regulatory specialists. When fully developed Sano will employ more than 50 permanent technical and professional staff, together with many other project-specific personel.

Your Key Tasks as Director

  • Oversee the definition, development and implementation of the research and development strategy of Sano.
  • Provide scientific leadership for the Centre, embracing a range of disciplines and charting a coherent course of research and partnership development.
  • Propose research priorities for each of its five research teams (laboratories) for the coming four years, including clinical and industrial cooperation relationships.
  • Establish new links with external partners (academic, industrial and clinical) and build upon existing relationships in cooperation with a dedicated, professional business development unit.
  • Successfully translate the outputs of Sano’s development processes into clinical practice, whether through spin-offs, licensing agreements or long-term industrial partnerships.
  • Lead personally one of the Centre’s research laboratories (teams).
  • Attract research funding and other revenues from a variety of sources (for the Centre and for your own research team).
  • Produce high-quality peer-reviewed publications and oversee the preparation of papers by other members of the research team.
  • Assume overall responsibility for annual financial and scientific reports which the Centre is mandated to submit to the relevant authorities.

Required Qualifications:

As prerequisites for consideration for the post of Sano Director, you must be able to demonstrate:

  • Recognized authority in your field, as an outstanding scientist with a research profile matching the leaders of the world’s most prestigious academic Centres of Excellence.
  • A PhD in biomedicine, medicine, engineering or the natural sciences, with substantial academic experience, including min. 7 years of postdoctoral research and min. 4 years in senior scientific leadership, multiple publications in high-impact journals, and evidence of strategic thinking.
  • An enduring field of expertise relating to bioengineering and computational biomedicine.
  • Notable success in grant funding acquisition and international scientific project management, combining excellent leadership and team-building skills in creative working environments.
  • The ability to forge alliances between academia and industry, with evidence of research translation and clinical impact.
  • Excellent communication skills with a fluent command of English, Sano’s main language.
  • Willingness to operate from Krakow.

Application details:

If you are interested in the position of Sano Director, please send your CV and a cover letter until 1st March 2020 to k.jarosinska@sano.science, Sano Talent Acquisition Manager. She will guide you through the recruitment process.

Join us and create the future of global medicine. We are waiting for you.

More information about the offer: https://sano.science/careers/director-for-the-centre/

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857533 and from the International Research Agendas Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Director of Sano Centre for Computational Medicine / R&D Institute