Centre de Recherche, Institut Curie

Computational biologist

Centre de Recherche, Institut Curie

Paris, France

The Institut Curie is a cancer foundation. It is constituted of a hospital and a world-class multidisciplinary Research Center combining research in radiobiology, cell biology, genetics, epigenetics, immunology, soft matter physics, organic and medicinal chemistry with state-of the-art technological platforms as well as access to large clinical databases and sample collections. The host laboratory is part of the research unit UMR3244 dedicated to the investigation of molecular mechanisms that maintain the integrity of the genome and epigenome and to the study of how perturbations of these mechanisms contribute to cancer and other human diseases, in particular age-related. The candidate will be part of a large, multi-Institutional project on the mechanisms responsible for the failure of lungs to regenerate after radiotherapy.

In charge of single cell RNAseq computational analysis, the successful candidate will

Adapt and develop dedicated computational methods to analyse large human and mouse single cell RNAseq datasets including:

Optimisation of cell identity assignment using automated cluster annotation combined with manual annotation from known marker genes.

Investigation of compositional changes from physiological and diseased datasets.

Application of trajectory inference algorithms to capture transitions between cell states and branching differentiation between cell identities.

Analysis of ligand/receptor interactions

Integrate sc-RNAseq data with spatial information generated by spatial transcriptomic analysis

Work collectively in close collaboration with wet-lab scientists and supervise collaborators (Master students, Engineer)

The candidate has a PhD, is dedicated, pro-active and with a personal fit into the team

He/she is autonomous and rigorous with a critical mind

He/she possesses high level programming skills (R, Python, Unix)

He/she has some prior experience in sc-RNAseq data analysis

He/she has excellent communication skills that allow productive interactions with biologists (e.g. discussing models/analyses choices with other team members)

An initial 36 month post-doctoral contract is proposed. A candidate with strong CV will be given the opportunity to compete for a permanent position at French research institutions.


Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Computational biologist