Amberstone Biosciences Inc

Associate Scientist/Scientist – Assay Development (Irvine/Laguna Hills, CA)

Amberstone Biosciences Inc

Laguna Hills/Irvine, CA, United States

Position: Associate Scientist/Scientist – Assay Development (Irvine/Laguna Hills, CA)

We are seeking a highly motivated, creative, and experienced Assay Development biologist to join our Assay Biology team at Amberstone Biosciences Inc. The candidate will play a key role in the

evaluation of leads for immune modulation and will be responsible for executing and optimizing a wide-range of biochemical and cell-based assays for the evaluation and profiling of hits from our

screens and for lead optimization. Hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of primary immune cells handling and standard immunoassays (B/T/NK cells isolation and culture, flow cytometry,

ELISA) are required. The position will report to the Director of Assay Biology. The core responsibility of this role will be:

1. Independently design and optimize biochemical and cell-based in vitro assays

2. Evaluate new hits with in vitro assays (tumor killing, cytokine measurement, immune cell proliferation and profiling, etc.)

3. Perform animal work (mainly mice studies) to characterize lead molecules in vivo

4. Establish SOPs to streamline validated assays

5. Analyze data and communicate results in project team meetings

6. Work closely with scientists across the teams in biochemistry, platform, molecular biology and assay biology to efficiently move projects forward


• MS or PhD in Immunology, Cancer biology, Molecular & Cellular Biology, or a related field with at least 3 years of wet-bench research experiences; Industry experience is a plus;

• Highly experienced and knowledgeable in cell isolation and culture (primary B, T, NK cells and monocytes/macrophages, cell lines, single cell cloning, lentiviral transduction) and direct experiences with general cellular biology techniques (flow cytometry, cell culture, ELISA, western blot, etc.);

• Direct experience with immunoassays is preferred (proliferation, profiling, etc.)

• Direct experiences in mouse handling (housing, monitoring, weighting, measuring temperature, measuring tumor size using a caliper among others); proven expertise in

performing blood collection (both from tail-vein and retro-orbital), as well as i.p., s.c., and i.v. (tail-vein and retro-orbital) injections. Experience in tumor inoculation and IACUC protocols

writing is a plus.

• Experience with signaling pathways/transcription factors and reporter assays is a plus;

• Experiences with droplet microfluidics-based assays would be an asset; Experience with molecular biology, biochemical assays and molecular biology techniques is a plus;

• Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills and can thrive in highly collaborative research environment;

• Demonstrated technical proficiency, ability to troubleshoot to solve problems and to deliver high quality data; Ability to work well under pressure to provide results in a short timeframe;

• Highly motivated, willing to work in a fast-pace team environment with a variable/flexible schedule. Caring mindset, excellent leadership, clear communication, and excellent problem-

solving skills. Good time management, working efficiently within a team, fast learner, easily adjusting to new priorities.

Who we are

Amberstone Biosciences Inc is a preclinical stage company developing next-generation immunotherapeutics that are safer and more effective for major tumor indications. We have developed

a proprietary single-cell platform technology that enables deep survey of immune repertoires to identify rare high-quality antibodies, which allows us to have unique advantage of powerful pipeline

development. It also provides a revolutionary approach to interrogate TCR and its interaction with cognate antigens. We believe that innovations and partnerships are the foundation of our future

successes and our employees are the most valuable assets. We welcome skilled people with adventurous spirits to join us, grow with us and prosper with us.


Salary range is commensurate with skills and experience, plus competitive fringe benefits and generous stock options. We offer 401(k) retirement plan, health care and dependent care FSA.

Apply with CV and Cover Letter

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Associate Scientist/Scientist – Assay Development (Irvine/Laguna Hills, CA)