Associate Researcher

Erin Barker

Lawrence, KS, United States

Jingxin Wang’s laboratory at the University of Kansas is seeking a molecular or chemical biologist as a full-time Associate Researcher. The Wang lab is focused on modulation of RNA processing by small molecules, an emerging field that has exciting, yet vastly untapped opportunities in chemical genetics and drug design. The candidate will integrate chem-and bio-informatic techniques and explore new research strategies, provide assistance to other group members in assay development and cell culture, and serve as general lab manager.

50% – Designing and execution of experiments

Explore new chemical genetic strategies in modulating RNA splicing. The experiments include but are not limited to biochemical manipulation of nucleic acids, preparation of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) libraries, and target validation for small molecules in both proteome and transcriptome.

20% – Assist other group members with experiments

Under the discretion and guidance of the principal investigator, to provide experimental and technical supervision of one or more graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in maintaining cell culture, assay development for high-throughput screening (BSL-2), and performing pathway validation experiments and functional assays for screening hits.

20% – Write reports and papers

Writes standard operating procedures (SOP) for selected equipment and experiments. Draft scientific papers for peer reviewed journals. Additional responsibilities may include assisting in the preparation of proposals.

10% – Routine lab management

Trains group members in the use of equipment; maintains laboratory equipment; supervises good lab practices and lab safety.

Required Qualifications
Master’s degree and at least three (3) years of additional experience in biochemistry, chemical biology, molecular biology or cell biology.
Must excel in one of the following techniques: RT-PCR, NGS analysis, mammalian cell culture and cell-based reporter gene assays, or molecular cloning.
Published at least one refereed paper.
Preferred Qualifications
Ph.D. in one of the above-mentioned fields.
Experience in RNA biochemistry or biophysics.
Experience in using bioinformatics or cheminformatics.
Experience in protein expression and purification.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.