University of Toyama

Associate Professor

Research Center for Idling Brain Science, University of Toyama

Toyama, Japan

[Explanation of institution]
Research Center for Idling Brain Science (Director: Professor Kaoru Inokuchi) will be established in University of Toyama in April 1, 2020 as a world level research center. The Research Center aims to clarify brain functions during idling state (sleep, awake rest, and unconsciousness) with interdisciplinary studies such as neuroscience, brain science, and information science.

[Job details]
① Research
The institute is seeking a suitable candidate for program-specific associate professor to accelerate its mission. The candidates should have expertise in Neuroscience, Brain Science, or Information Science.
Neurons in the brain are active even when animals sleep or rest, denoted here as “idling brain state". Idling brain activity plays important roles in information processing than previously thought. The institute will elucidate the functional role of the idling activity in information processing in rodents by employing cutting-edge techniques. The successful candidate will have strong expertise in neuroscience/brain science or information science. The candidate is expected to perform high-level research and act as the leading researcher in idling brain science and the related fields.

② Education
The candidate is able to contribute to education in the Graduate School.

[Starting date]
April 1, 2020 or the earliest possible date thereafter (adjustable according to individual requirement)

[Details of required special expertise, qualification of the specific fields, degrees, etc.]
① Should have a Ph.D.
② Should have a strong interest in the project that aims to clarify the function played by idling brain
③ Have excellent research achievements in the related fields and ability to play a pivotal role in the field.
④ Be able to contribute to education in the Graduate School.
⑤ Should have the ability to develop and manage his/her research projects
⑥ Should have high-level communication skills in English
⑦ Should be a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and creative scientist with good interpersonal and communication skills.
⑧ The Research Center welcomes applications from oversea candidates.

We will require finalist applicants, who have passed a preliminary document screening, to present their research. The travel expenses for interview is not covered by University of Toyama. In case of applicants from abroad the internet interview may apply.

[Application and required documents]
Please apply via the following URL.
For more information, please refer to this URL.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.