University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Associate Professor in Marine Microbial Ecology

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Odense M, Denmark

The Department of Biology at the University of Southern Denmark invites applications for a tenured position as associate professor in the area of marine microbial ecology with particular focus on marine nitrogen and carbon cycling and climate interactions.

We seek creative and ambitious applicants with excellent records of achievement to join our department. Research at the department ranges broadly from microorganisms to ecosystems to global elemental cycles, including also demography, animal behaviour and sound communication. The candidate’s research interests should synergise with these activities in general and with the department’s internationally renowned research in biogeochemistry, microbial ecology and Earth evolution. The candidate should also contribute to the department’s education of BSc, MSc and PhD students with competence and dedication.

Deadline: 23 April 2020.

Please read the full call, including how to apply, on

Please apply via recruiter’s website.