Researcher in Structural Biology

15 Feb 2023
16 Apr 2023
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Full time

The Structural Biology Department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is seeking a highly motivated Researcher to join Dr. Kalodimos lab in his research with molecular chaperones.


Molecular chaperones are large and dynamic complexes that are upregulated when there are many unfolded or misfolded proteins in the cell. Molecular chaperones represent the first line of defense by working to prevent misfolding or aggregation and the interaction of chaperones with the unfolded or misfolded substrates is transient in nature. 



Our laboratory is using novel Biochemical and Structural approaches to observe the molecular chaperones in action with their unfolded proteins. The techniques used will allow us to develop high-resolution structures and to observe how chaperones recognize and connect with proteins. Armed with a more in-depth understanding of what is happening within the cell between molecular chaperones and proteins, we aim to apply this line of investigation to other systems and develop new therapeutic interventions.


The Researcher will perform basic molecular biology experiments (cloning, PCR, DNA extraction, immunoprecipitation, protein purification, Western blot analysis, macromolecular complex assembly and purification), and analyze and present data. the Researcher will be responsible for coordinating efficient laboratory operations, keeping accurate data records and notebooks, and performing other duties as assigned or directed in order to meet the goals and objectives of the lab.


  • The candidate will use their molecular biology and biochemistry skills, to design constructs, and purify proteins for structural studies and biophysical characterization. 
  • Able to troubleshoot protein expression and purification problems. 
  • Interpret, analyze, and communicate results with supervisors and colleagues.
  • Prioritize work and complete assignments in a timely fashion.

Minimum Education

  • Bachelor's degree in relevant scientific area is required

Minimum Experience

  • no additional experience required, but preferred

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