Research Assistant

Al Ain
09 Feb 2023
25 Apr 2023
Employment - Hours
Full time
The Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department at the United Arab Emirates University is seeking a research assistant in the area of process systems engineering. The research assistant should be familiar with modeling and optimization of batch and continuous processes. The candidate should be able to develop mixed-integer programming models for design and scheduling purposes for applications in advanced manufacturing. The preferred candidate should have demonstrated experience in design, simulation, and optimization using GAMS software, MATLAB, and simulation software, with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and simultaneously committed for pursuing Ph.D. program at UAEU. A master’s degree in Chemical Engineering supplemented with documented evidence to support the following: • Modeling, Simulation, Optimization • Ability to use simulation and optimization software • Good technical writing skills • Flexible approach and initiative in executing the role. • Knowledge of modeling and optimization for mixed-integer programming • Knowledge of computer-aided applications such as GAMS, MATLAB, SuperPro, SchedulePro for design, simulation, and optimization • Be adaptable and flexible to the continuous changes associated with research demands • Commitment to pursue PhD at UAEU.