Postdoc and technician

07 Feb 2023
08 Apr 2023
Health Science
Job Type
Employment - Hours
Full time

Job Purpose

The study is to understand the role of microbiome and neurocognitive impairment in several human diseases: cannabis/cocaine of abuse and HIV. This Research position will involve conducting experiments and preparing manuscripts, as well as helping running the lab.

Additional Knowledge, skill, ability preferred:

The ideal candidate is to have the experience of doing experiments related to neuroscience in animals, but not necessary.

·        Detailed-driven.


Guideline and Supervision:

Maintain daily research work under the guidance of the PI.

Job Duties


1.     Perform experiments (e.g., IHC, brain tissue fluorescent staining, flow cytometry, ELISA, qPCR, etc).

Give mice microbiome or other chemicals based on each project, and collect blood and each organs including brains from mice. Obtain mouse brain tissues based on different area, and analyze pathological markers of central nervous system and tests related to brain functions (e.g., memory).


2.     Maintain lab routine work. Refines and standardizes existing experimental procedures and train new lab members

Autoclave the biologic trash and prepare and maintain lab work (e.g., fill and autoclave tips, clean hood and incubator).


3.     Records and analyzes results of research experiments.

Collect research experimental data, analyze results, and/or prepare manuscripts.