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03 Feb 2023
04 Apr 2023
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POSTDOC POSITION AVAILABLE                        


A postdoctoral fellow position is immediately available in the laboratory of Dr. Murugaiyan Gopal at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. This postdoctoral position is open to recent PhDs, MDs, or MD/PhDs with expertise in immunology. 


The driving goal of our laboratory is to define immune mechanisms in chronic inflammatory disorders and cancer, while working towards identifying novel biomarkers of disease and therapeutic interventions. We utilize gene targeting in mouse models of disease, clinical patient samples, and relevant cell culture systems to study the cellular and molecular basis of immune-mediated disorders. A major focus of the lab has been to understand microRNA regulation of immune responses and RNA medicine in multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, and colorectal cancer. MiRNAs are powerful regulators of gene expression and are emerging as potential biomarkers and drug targets. In fact, most human coding genes are under the control of miRNAs –yet, we are only beginning to understand the role of miRNAs in health and disease.


A candidate with a strong background in immunology and research interest in any of these disease areas is encouraged to apply. A successful candidate will primarily work on a project involving microRNA regulation of myeloid cells and CD4+ T helper cells in CNS autoimmunity, and possibly in other inflammatory disorders. For more information, please see our lab website https://gopal.bwh.harvard.edu.


Required experience:

Ph.D. in immunology (strongly preferred) OR relevant biological/biomedical sciences AND 3+ years of experience in immunology research. Priority will be given to candidates with expertise in animal models of disease and flow cytometry.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Independently design and perform experiments
  • Accurately document experiments and data
  • Analyze and interpret data and draw relevant conclusions
  • Contribute to writing of manuscripts, fellowships and grants
  • Present results at internal and external meetings/conferences
  • Work collaboratively across lab functions and train other junior lab staff as needed


Technical Skills

·      Proficiency in standard immunology, including immune cell isolation, in vitro immune cell functional assays, multi-color flow cytometry, and molecular biology techniques such as qPCR, cloning, and western blotting 

·      Experience working with mouse models of immune-mediated diseases  

·      Experience in genotyping, breeding, and general animal husbandry


Other Skills

·      Ability to independently complete research projects

·      Ability to collaborate and routinely work as a team

·      Strong interpersonal skills; excellent oral and written communication skills

·      Ability to follow safety procedures and to maintain a safe work environment

·      Strong attention to detail, time management, excellent recordkeeping and organizational skills


If interested, please send a cover letter describing your research interests, curriculum vitae, and the names of three references via email to Dr. Murugaiyan Gopal at mgopal@rics.bwh.harvard.edu.

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