Postdoctoral fellow in Neurobiology of Aging

31 Jan 2023
30 Apr 2023
Life Science
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Postdoc fellow, 3 year fully-funded position by ANR grant in Katsimpardi group, Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Laboratory of Cell growth control by nutrients, Paris, France.



Aging has long been thought to be an irreversible process associated with a decline in tissue homeostasis, repair and regeneration potential and the brain is an organ particularly vulnerable to the effects of aging, partly because of the gradual loss of its neural stem cell ability to regenerate, which can have detrimental consequences on cognitive processes. Remarkably, we now know that aging is not an irreversible process, but instead is subject to extrinsic factors. As we have previously shown, young blood can rejuvenate the aged brain, whereas aged blood induces accelerated aging. The concept that the aged organism retains an intrinsic potential to switch to a younger phenotype, and that a single factor has the capacity to rejuvenate the whole organism, are novel concepts that transform the way we view aging.  Identification of these blood-borne factors, such as GDF11, has allowed to pave new avenues for future therapeutic interventions. Our current work is beginning to further uncover signaling and genetic pathways involved in these aging and anti-aging processes through RNA-seq, proteomic analyses and organ-on-chip experiments.

The proposed project will focus on understanding these mechanisms of brain aging and rejuvenation using various murine models, cell culture and bioengineering.  The project will be carried out in the frame of a collaborative network with Institut Pasteur and is funded by the ANR national agency for research.



We are looking for a highly motivated and talented candidate with a PhD in neurobiology, cell/stem cell biology or aging biology and who has a strong background in animal work, cell culture and molecular biology. The candidate is expected to be able to work autonomously to develop his/her project and work closely with other team members who bring complementary research skills and be detail oriented. The candidate should also have a good working knowledge of English with excellent communication skills.


Research environment

We are located at Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Paris, France with an excellent infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities for microscopy, behavioral neuroscience, cytometry, gene editing and other technological platforms. INEM has a vibrant multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural scientific community with strong ties to the Imagine Institute and the Necker Hospital for Children.



Candidates should submit a CV and cover letter, along with a list of publications, to Please include contact details for at least two references.

This is a fully funded position for three years, and the salary is based on national standards.