Senior Research Technician, Plant Genome Editing and Propagation - Torii Lab

12 May 2022
04 Apr 2023
Life Science
Employment - Hours
Full time

We are seeking a Senior Research Technician to support the lab of Dr. Keiko Torii at University of Texas, Austin. The Torii lab has a long-standing interest to unravel how plant stem cells function and contribute to growth and development, with specific emphasis on signal transduction pathways and underpinning genomic/epigenomic mechanisms. In addition to harnessing chemical and synthetic biology, they are designing and building synthetic signal transduction circuits to control plant growth and development suited for changing climate. More information on the lab can be found on their website.

In this role, you will assume a key role in our ongoing research project aiming at understanding the environmental control of plant stomatal differentiation. We are developing a new model plant species to study plants response in extreme environment. You will join a team to develop genetic manipulation pipelines (genome editing and transformation) and generate genome-edited/transformed plants to study Gene Regulatory Networks responsible for plant adaptation to extreme environment. You may also collaborate with postdoctoral researchers to actively participate in original research projects and present the results at the conference and/or in scientific manuscripts.

What You’ll Do:

  • Participate plant propagation and maintenance, developing new protocols for plant propagation, in aseptic condition (e.g. sterile media plates) and in growth chamber/growth room.

  • Make plant media, pots, etc.

  • Develop appropriate growth conditions (light, temperature, humidity, etc) for optimal plant propagation.

  • Develop pipelines for genetic transformation (e.g. by Agrobacterial infiltration, tissue-regeneration, and/or particle bombardment) and gene editing (by CRISPR) together with a team of scientists.

  • Genotype and verify the genome-editing/transgenesis events.

  • Oversea cleaning of the sterile hood room, growth room, and growth chambers

  • Organize and maintain important transgenic/genome edited materials, fill out proper logs.

  • Document laboratory records, document and update protocols and manuals.

  • Configure and operate laboratory apparatus and instruments; read and record instrument data; tabulate data; coordinate equipment repairs.

  • Order chemicals, reagents, and other laboratory supplies as necessary.

  • Participate in laboratory meetings and planning sessions. Read literature applicable to research areas as required.

  • Train junior scientists (e.g. undergrads, new techs) as necessary.

Skills You Bring:

  • Master's degree in Biological Sciences, Plant Biology, Agricultural Sciences or related disciplines

  • 3+ years laboratory experience in molecular biology, plant tissue culture, plant transformation, and/or plant genome editing. Experience in molecular cloning (plasmid construction) and genotyping highly preferred.

  • Experience in plant propagation (growing plants in sterile media and in soils) is highly preferred.

  • Curiosity-driven and goal-oriented

  • Meticulous, focused, and attention to details.

  • Has strong problem-solving skills

  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively as a team

  • Excellent communication skills

Physical Requirements

Remaining in a normal seated or standing position for extended periods of time; reaching and grasping by extending hand(s) or arm(s); dexterity to manipulate objects with fingers, for example using a keyboard; communication skills using the spoken word; ability to see and hear within normal parameters; ability to move about workspace. The position requires mobility, including the ability to move materials weighing up to several pounds (such as a laptop computer or tablet). Work may involve possible exposure to malodorous vapors, low dose radiation, contamination by toxic chemicals and acids and presence of carcinogenic substances.

Persons with disabilities may be able to perform the essential duties of this position with reasonable accommodation. Requests for reasonable accommodation will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Please Note:

This job description sets forth the job’s principal duties, responsibilities, and requirements; it should not be construed as an exhaustive statement, however.  Unless they begin with the word “may,” the Essential Duties and Responsibilities described above are “essential functions” of the job, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Compensation Range:


Research Technician II – $39,000.00 (minimum) - $48,804.00 (midpoint) - $63,400.00 (maximum)

Research Technician III – $45,900.00 (minimum) - $57,386.00 (midpoint) - $74,600.00 (maximum)


Pay Type: Annual


HHMI’s salary structure is developed based on relevant job market data. HHMI considers a candidate's education, previous experiences, knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as internal equity when making job offers. Typically, a new hire for this position in this location is compensated between the minimum and the midpoint of the salary range.