University of Leicester

7 Postdoctoral positions

University of Leicester

Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom; Leicester, United Kingdom; Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

How do RNA-binding proteins control splice site selection?

This is a multi-disciplinary project to investigate the molecular basis of regulation by proteins. It is funded by the BBSRC and will start in 2020.
7 postdoctoral positions in Leicester, Strathclyde and Glasgow

We are interested in recruiting excellent and ambitious postdocs with expertise in:
• physics/nanoengineering
• synthetic chemistry
• physical chemistry
• structural biology
• single molecule biophysics
RNA biochemistry

In addition, we are keen to hear from
• potential candidates for external fellowships and
• applicants for PhD studentships.

If you are interested and wish to be involved, please send expressions of interest to: Ian Eperon (, Cyril Dominguez (, Andrew Hudson (, Glenn Burley (, or Alasdair Clark (

Advertisements for the specific posts will appear soon.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.