49686: Computer Scientist, Cognitive Scientist or similar - Models and procedures for the real-time capable, multimodal acquisition of user and operator states

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Braunschweig, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Transportation Systems

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts,Other,PHD Thesis

Part-Time Suitability:

The position is suitable for part-time employment.

Job description:

The jobholder’s task is the development, testing and evaluation of real-time capable models and procedures for the acquisition of relevant cognitive and emotional states of users and operators in traffic-system laboratory and vehicle environments, by means of state-of-the-art machine learning methods and procedures. The basis for the solutions to be developed is formed by the multimodal acquisition and processing of data from (neuro)-physiology (e.g. skin conductance, heart rate, EEG), behaviour (e.g. posture, facial expression, actions, gaze behaviour) and from secondary data sources, such as data on the interaction between man and technology in a systemic context.

To achieve this, the holder of the position will systematically review and analyse the available data, results and developments from previous human-factors projects of the institute, taking into account and assessing the technical effort required to record the individual signal modalities. Based on this, hardware and software requirements for the development of integrated solutions for the discrete, multimodal and synchronised acquisition of user-state data will be formulated under the proviso of an effective and efficient human-factors evaluation of system concepts developed at the institute.

Taking into account the formulated requirements, the developed real-time capable solutions for the acquisition of user and operator states will be further developed, tested and evaluated in order to create robust and high-performance tools for application in laboratory and simulator environments within the framework of the system development and the evaluation of system designs for technical traffic and traffic-system contexts. For this purpose, appropriate scales are to be developed for the recording of selected user states, and limit values are to be determined and validated which are critical for relevant criteria (e.g. safety, user acceptance, trust) within the framework of system evaluation.

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