49679: Engineers Space Technologies, Electronics, Mechanics, Optics, Physics - Product and Quality Assurance for Space Applications

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Berlin, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Optical Sensor Systems

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

The Institute of Optical Sensor Systems designs, develops, tests and operates complex optical sensors, e.g. cameras or spectrometers, mostly for applications in space for earth observation and planetary research. Such systems contain optical, mechanical, electronical and software components. The development process involves a range of disciplines, including requirement management, system engineering, design, manufacturing, environmental testing and optical calibration. Establishing and maintaining a system for improving the quality of our products and processes play an important role to be successful.

Your job description:

plan, define, implement and manage the product and quality assurance measures for complex projects, based on the customers’ (e.g. ESA, NASA, Space industry) requirements in accordance with recognized standards for developing of optical sensor systems collaborate in projects as the person responsible for product and quality assurance, coach employees to ensure standards are met, represent results both internally and externally establish the processes to guarantee the quality of technological developments support of creating and maintaining of information databases for e.g. EEE components, materials, alerts, documents define and monitor the product quality of suppliers, perform audits/reviews at the suppliers’ premises perform analysis to predict the product quality (e.g. reliability, FMECA, WCA, radiation) support planning, organizing and supervising of project reviews (e.g. PDR, CDR, MRR, DRB) plan and managing of inspections (e.g. MIPs, KIPs) managing of non-conformances, deviations and waivers based on project requirements ensure proper project documentations including its configuration ensure quality of the equipment within the laboratories for testing and calibrating of the sensor system or component developed   plan and monitor environmental and lab conditions to ensure the product cleanliness quality incl. clean-room management cooperation within international teams preparation of project PA/QA documentation

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