49520: Master Student Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering or similar - Development of an optical ranging system

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Communications and Navigation

Area of research:

Diploma & Master Thesis

Job description:

The optical communication group of DLR’s Institute of Communications and Navigation develop experimental laser communication systems for optical data links between airborne carriers such as airplanes or satellites and optical ground stations. The system development covers several disciplines such as optics, mechanics, electronics and programming.

This position will be focused on the development of Adaptive Optics, a technique used to dynamically correct the adverse effects of turbulence in the atmosphere on the optical communications channel.

The successful applicant will support our team in the development of the control software that powers the Adaptive Optics system. This software operates in real-time to calculate measurements of the optical wave-front and compute actuator commands to correct it. Consequently, it must feature high computational performance whilst retaining maintainability. In the project, the software will be optimised for computational performance and benchmarked extensively. Currently, it is written in C++ and Python and runs on standard CPU hardware, running a Linux based OS. Investigations into other hardware solutions, such as GPUs, and software environments, such as dedicated “real-time” OSes will be carried out. It is an excellent opportunity to work on a cutting edge topic, gain experience using high performance computational hardware, and improve your software engineering skills.

The subject offers several internship and Master Thesis topics like:

Optimisation of adaptive optics control software for optical free space communication Investigation of Adaptive Optics control software on various computational environments

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