48820: Student computer science, electrical engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering or similar - Support in the Sensor Systems Group

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Braunschweig, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Transportation Systems

Area of research:

Scientific support staff,Diploma & Master Thesis,Work placement

Part-Time Suitability:

The position is suitable for part-time employment.

Job description:

The Institute of Transportation Systems operates a number of research vehicles and roadside units for testing the communication between vehicles and infrastructure components. In the Sensor Systems group, our work includes the provision and processing of the data from the installed sensor systems. In order to simplify the implementation and the tests of our existing processing chains, we would like to establish a simulation based on the open-source simulator CARLA. We are offering you the opportunity of supporting us within the framework of a thesis, an internship or a student activity.

As part of our team, you will help us to implement specific scenarios in the simulation, to link existing pipelines of sensor-data processing with the simulation, and to integrate and test new implementations in the vehicle and on the roadside units.

Mobility has a high priority in our society. People want to reach their destination safely, comfortably and quickly. Goods must be transported cost-effectively over short and long distances. The consequences of mobility can be seen in environmental pollution, accidents and traffic jams, which increase with the ever-growing volume of traffic. These are the challenges we face at the Institute of Transportation Systems. We develop solutions for the safe and efficient mobility of the future.

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