48684: Master student Engineering, Economics, Environmental Engineering or similar - Dynamic description of cost-potential curves for carbon sources

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Stuttgart, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics

Area of research:

Other,Diploma & Master Thesis

Job description:

Germany seeks to replace fossil fuel based energy carriers in transport by cleaner alternatives. Most electricity-based synthetic fuel conversion routes require a carbon source in order to provide carbon as an input to synthesis reactions. Currently, there is a broad variety of potential carbon sources in the German industry including but not limited to coal and gas power plants, steel and cement plants and biomass heat and power plants. Additionally, direct-air capture is discussed as a virtually unlimited, yet expensive carbon source. However, industrial carbon capture potential is likely to change with ambitious European climate policy and CO2 price regimes necessitating the elicitation of dynamic, geographically differentiated CO2 capture cost potential curves.

The goal of the Master Thesis is to provide a solid data basis of today’s main carbon sources and develop scenarios for their prospective development.

It should be structured as follows:

achieving familiarity with the topic, materials and methods used in existing scientific literature and preliminary work carried out at the department (GIS-based analysis of CO2 availability from industrial cement and steel plants) definition of temporal, spatial and process-related scope for the description of most important carbon sources complementation of existing data basis by main carbon sources for the historic development of CO2 capture potential of biomass, coal and gas power plants development of a method to derive spatio-temporal cost potential curves from existing data basis expansion from existing to prospective carbon sources in case of two different GHG reduction ambitions

Students are expected to document all methods and data in preparation of an open data publication with a guiding open access publication.

Due to the current situation of COVID-19-motivated DLR-shutdown, the exact starting point of the work contract currently cannot be specified.

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