48413: Computer Scientist or similar - Cyber Security for maritime infrastructures

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Bremerhaven, Germany

Work group:

Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

The safety and security of critical infrastructures is an essential foundation for the economic prosperity and stability of governments and societies. The Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures focuses on this challenge and develops new concepts, approaches and technologies that may be used to analyse and enhance the safety and security of maritime infrastructures regarding people, technologies and systems.

Due to the significance of a situational awareness picture for the operations of infrastructures, the credibility of all recorded and displayed data is a fundamental condition for the acceptance of all supplied IT solutions. In order to justify acting based on the supplied information, it must be trustworthy.

As a computer scientist in the situational awareness group of the department maritime security technologies you focus on the design of a cyber secure situational awareness picture.

Especially in distributed and heterogeneous IT systems, the system integrity depends on the interfaces that are in use. Together with us, you work on detecting security issues in protocols or their implementations that may pose a threat for the operational readiness of the overall system. The challenge of securing these interfaces and embedding new security technologies on all layers of a system is as much a responsibility of this job as it is to secure each individual component.

In this position you will

research, develop and validate new methods to analyse the security and safety of IT infrastructures secure existing networks and interfaces, including the development of a plan to improve the security and safety of large systems using potentially novel cryptographic methods embed the situation of IT infrastructures into an existing maritime situational awareness picture, focusing on the users work with us on acquiring new projects in maritime security areas and publish research papers on national and international level

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