48027: Engineer, Computer Scientist or similar - Navigation and sensor systems (camera, LiDAR, GNSS) for vehicles and transport infrastructure

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Braunschweig, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Transportation Systems

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts,Other

Job description:

Mobility occupies a high position of priority within our society. People want to reach their destination safely, comfortably and quickly. Goods must be transported economically over short and long distances. The consequences of mobility are apparent in environmental pollution, accidents and traffic jams and are increasing with the steadily growing volume of traffic. At the Institute of Transportation Systems, we are addressing these challenges. We develop solutions for a safe and efficient mobility of the future.

Technologies for automated and networked driving are essential building blocks for road and rail transport of the future. With the help of sensors, both the environment and one’s own position must be precisely recorded. For this purpose, routes and obstacles must be identified, even in complex environments. In addition, the position determination by means of satellite navigation is insufficient, which should be compensated by additional sensor data. Furthermore, vehicle automation offers completely new possibilities in the overall context, which must be researched and utilised by our society.

Within the scope of your activities, you will develop the following topics with the Sensor Systems Group:

research, conception and application of algorithms for the processing and fusion of sensor data for the perception of the environment and ego-localozation evaluation of sensors and application possibilities, integration of sensors and data-processing methods in real-time and automated systems as well as calibration and synchronisation of sensors development, implementation and testing of methods for environment perception and navigation with the institute’s own research vehicles and equipment further conceptual development of the topic area on the basis of current research results

For your research, you will have access to the DLR’s own continuous tool chain with numerous laboratories, (linkable) simulators, automated test vehicles and research infrastructure in the field and on the application platform Intelligent Mobility (AIM) or the test field in Lower Saxony. People with professional experience or committed career-starters can expect a stimulating research environment, plenty of room for their own ideas and international conspicuity as well as tasks with high responsibility which help to shape the European and national environment.

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