47646: Engineer Mechanical Design, Mechanical Space Technologies or similar - Mechanical Design and AIT of Optical Instruments for Space Applications

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Berlin, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Optical Sensor Systems

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

The Institute of Optical Sensor Systems designs, develops, tests and operates complex optical sensors, e.g. cameras or spectrometers, mostly for applications in space for earth observation and planetary research. Such systems contain optical, mechanical, electronical and software components. The development process involves a range of disciplines, including requirements management, systems engineering, design, manufacturing, environmental testing and optical calibration. The conception and modelling of mechanical and thermal designs, e.g. of high precision focal planes carrying optical detectors as well as the miniaturization play an important role in the development process.

Your job description:

analyses of scientific user requirements for conception of novel optical sensor systems opto-mechanical system engineering for developing of payloads for space applications modelling  and mechanical design of optical payloads and components for space applications opto-mechanical design of focal planes carrying optical detectors from UV up to THz wavelength range specification and monitoring of the manufacturing process of mechanical and optical components mechanical Assembly, Integration and environmental Testing (AIT) of opto-mechanical components and instruments design of laboratory setups supporting optical calibration cooperation within international project teams preparation of project documentation and scientific publications

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