47508: Students Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical Engineering or similar - EDEN NEXT Gen Hybrid Rigid-Deployable Greenhouse Module

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Bremen, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Space Systems

Area of research:

Other,Diploma & Master Thesis

Job description:

Within the Institute for Space System’s department System Analysis Space Segment, the EDEN team analyzes and develops concepts and systems for bio-regenerative life support systems for future human space exploration and in particular technologies for plant cultivation in space.

Following the development and initial operation of the EDEN ISS (semi-)closed loop greenhouse in a space-analogue environment at the Neumayer Station III in the Antarctic, the EDEN team aims to evolve the greenhouse design towards future Moon and Mars application.

As part of activities aimed at developing and building a greenhouse module for Moon and Mars, working title EDEN NEXT Gen, the EDEN team is looking for multiple students to investigate different aspects of the greenhouse design and mission within the scope of Bachelor or Master thesis projects.

Topics are open for discussion, based on students’ interests.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

system Analysis and Requirements Definition trade-off between different greenhouse module architectures (e.g. rigid vs. deployable vs. hybrid) review of existing greenhouse and habitat designs in order to synthesize requirements interface Design (e.g. launcher, transfer vehicle, habitat interfacing) structural Design and Analysis review of lightweight materials for rigid and inflatable/deployable structural elements material selection and design of a deployable membrane shell mechanical Interface designs (e.g. Rigid-Flexible and Flexible-Flexible material interfaces) packaging and Deployment Strategy Design (e.g. Deployment mechanisms) secondary Structure and Outfitting Design load Analysis and Structural Modeling nutrient Delivery System design of a high pressure aeroponic nutrient delivery system analysis of decontamination strategies for nutrient solutions (e.g. ozone, hydrogenperoxide) Atmosphere Management System design and analysis of habitat-greenhouse gas exchange strategies (e.g. direct exchange vs. capture and storage of CO2 and O2)

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