47234: Research Assistant - Design of Safety and Security Critical Embedded Systems

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Braunschweig, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Flight Systems

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

Electronics systems play a major role in modern commercial aircraft. Many functions of the aircraft are realized by embedded systems. The number of such functions is steadily growing due to the increasing automation of air traffic, e.g. autonomous flying. Safety and security is of utmost importance for aircraft embedded systems. System safety is dealing with realization of systems which can be operated with an acceptable low level of risk to harm people or property, whereas systems security deals with means that enable the system to function correctly under malicious attack.

Future aircraft, especially in the field of unmanned aviation, will also have a high degree of connectivity. In the civil sector, the connection to traffic management systems and the communication of cooperating aircraft are of great importance. Military applications also include integration into swarms of a large number airborne platforms as well interacting with ground-based systems. Despite many advantages, a high degree of networking goes hand in hand with the risk of malicious attack, whereby systems in security-critical applications must be particularly protected in this regard.

As part of your scientific work, you will develop innovative approaches for the design and analysis of safe and secure embedded systems for future civil and military aircraft. In addition to architectures that minimize the risk of malicious attack, you will also develop methods for detecting malicious attack and potential defense strategies.
Your work environment will be our dynamic and innovative department. Besides the high level of team spirit, you can expect an excellent infrastructure with the latest equipment and development environments. We actively support you in advancing your professional and scientific career.

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