47154: Bachelor or Master student Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering or similar - Signal Quality Measurements in Optical Data Downlinks from LEO-Satellites

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Communications and Navigation

Area of research:

Scientific support staff,Diploma & Master Thesis

Job description:

The Optical Communications Group at DLR-Oberpfaffenhofen investigates new technologies to increase the data throughput between Satellites and Ground Stations, by employing free-space optical (FSO) links.

Such advanced technologies require sophisticated analysis of downlink signal quality to different locations and under varying atmospheric conditions.

In this thesis a setup for tracking, receiving, and measuring optical satellite signals shall be optimized and utilized to perform the according measurements with dedicated LEO satellites.

The thesis shall comprise the following:

research and testing of telescope hardware and control software tracking tests with various laser targets measurements of laser signals from satellites, employing cameras, power sensors, and data receivers analysis of measured data, i.e. tracking-error, power scintillation, and received data

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