45964: Intern, Research assistant Chemistry, Material Science or similar - Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Stuttgart, Germany

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Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics

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Demanded batteries for electromobility require a higher energy density and cycle stability than the-state-of-art lithium-ion batteries. Among next-generation batteries, lithium-sulfur is considered as a potential candidate offering high gravimetric energy density. However, the realization of this system as commercial product remains challenged due to the capacity fade originating from the so-called polysulfide-shuttle effect (PSS) as well as the problems associated with using metallic lithium as negative electrode namely unstable solid electrolyte interphase and dendrite formation. The battery group at DLR is focusing on different approaches to address these challenges and optimize Li-S batteries aiming at increasing sulfur utilization, extending lifetime and revealing origin and approaches to avoid capacity fade:

Development and optimization of the composite cathode: investigation of different carbon material as the host matrix for the sulfur cathode material and component characterization employing variety of techniques (e.g., SEM, EDX, XRD, DTA, TGA etc.) Development and modification of the electrolyte and separator: investigation of electrochemical properties of various liquid electrolytes and membranes Preparation and investigation of Li-S cell: manufacturing of Li-S cells incorporating the developed electrode and electrolyte electrochemical characterization of cells (cycling, polarization and  electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, …) analyzing formation of  various ionic species in different state of charge to understand the reduction processes of sulfur and polysulfide dissolution using in-situ techniques (e. g. Raman or UV-vis )

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