45199: Student Electrical Engineering or similar - Optical Communications, Electronics design and implementation for optical communication payload on CubeSats

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Communications and Navigation

Area of research:

Scientific support staff

Job description:

Free Space Optical (FSO) communication systems not only overcome the bandwidth limitations of RF systems, but also offer improved power efficiency, security and size compared to their traditional counterparts. Furthermore FSO is the opener and mandatory for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) over large distances. The Optical Communication Systems Group at the Institute of Communications and Navigation has been developing an optical communication payload for CubeSats, with the primary goal of demonstrating high speed optical downlinks between a CubeSat and Earth.

The main task of this position is to adept the existing electronics development to another satellite bus. For the electrical connections and the communication with the satellites subsystems and the different payloads, the interfaces have to be adapted according to the satellite bus. Furthermore the design of the existing printed circuit board design (PCB) has to be changed due to different mechanical dimensions. The major challenge is to fit all electronical subsystems into the limited space of a CubeSat.

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