45051: 3 Physicists, Mathematicians, Meteorologists or similar - Space Weather Impact Research

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Neustrelitz, Germany

Work group:

Institute for Solar-Terrestrial Physics

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

Sporadic and massive eruptions of very high-energy matter and radiation from the Sun can have a pronounced impact for example on the aeronautical ability to aviate, navigate and communicate.

The department for Space Weather Impact develops and investigates methods to measure, evaluate and predict physical as well as technical quantities, which describe the effects of space weather on technical systems. Results help to improve our understanding of space weather effects on (humans and) technical systems and to contribute to potential countermeasures in cooperation with scientific, industrial or governmental partners.

Your mission is application oriented research to improve the knowledge about space weather interactions with human technological infrastructure on ground and in space to support operators of critical infrastructure and services in the domain of navigation, communication, aviation, space exploration and electric power grid.

Your work will comprise the following tasks

improve the knowledge about space weather interactions with human technological infrastructure to address problems related to electrically conducting infrastructure, malfunction of space and ground assets, impacts on satellite drag and the direct impact on radio wave and other communication transmissions develop new methods as well as indices to describe the ionospheric interference level for radio systems investigate Space Weather influence on precise and safety-critical GNSS needed in aviation or predictable future applications like automated car navigation investigate long term effects due to nominal space weather changes as well as strong solar events presenting research findings to the international scientific community and continuously exchange your experience with other international teams operating in this field taking charge of project tasks

You will bring in your excellent skills into an international successful and highly motivated research team with long scientific expertise in ionosphere and space weather research. Here, you will experience a very good working atmosphere in a well-equipped and modern research site situated in a beautiful and livable region of Germany.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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