44076: Student Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or similar - Data Analysis

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Jena, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Data Science

Area of research:

Scientific support staff,Diploma & Master Thesis,Work placement

Part-Time Suitability:

The position is suitable for part-time employment.

Job description:

For the new DLR Institute of Data Science, a working group on the subject of visual analytics is being set up.  As part of the working group, innovative, visual-interactive methods and solutions for the analysis of large and heterogeneous data are researched and put into practice. We pursue the approach of linking people and their cognitive abilities as effectively as possible with modern algorithms and powerful hardware for automatic data analysis.

For this purpose, we work closely with our partners at the DLR Simulation and Software Technology Lab in Braunschweig as well as with our local partners at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena.

Possible topics arise from the diverse research subjects pursued in the working group: research on effective touch interaction on large-scale displays, high-performance rendering of interactive visualizations on high-resolution 8K displays, visual analysis of data-driven machine learning models, or software development of a service for scale change procedures for geo-temporal data.

Working on a course paper, as an intern, or as a student research assistant, your tasks include:

literature research to critically evaluate and compare new methods and approaches in the field of visualization and interaction analysis of the requirements and creation of a set of requirements for specific, practical problems of our application partners software implementation of own or given visualization methods software implementation of machine learning methods for application-specific data analysis efficiency evaluation and assessment of developed methods testing and documenting your work

As a student research assistant, your work is performed in a scope up to 16 hours per week.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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