43764: Engineer or mathematician in the field of systems analysis - Head of the group „System Analysis“

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Bremerhaven, Germany

Work group:

Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

The Department "Resilience of Maritime Systems" develops methods that enable to measure and describe the achieved degree of resilience of complex technical and socio-technical systems. Building on this, new concepts are developed that pursue a technological and systemic design of infrastructures according to the "resilience-by-design" approach.

With your work, you pursue with us the common goal of continuously improving the model-based analysis and evaluation of the security and protection status of current and future maritime systems. Your research will focus on the scientific investigation of how the security objectives of complex systems and infrastructures can be specified and validated on the basis of systemic, functional and procedural models. Furthermore, you will investigate how suitable evaluation methods, e.g. by using Key Performance Indicators (KPI), can be employed in order to monitor statically and operationally the compliance with the security objectives. This also includes the research on methods that enable the evaluation of the resilience of the infrastructure. In an interdisciplinary working team, you will identify relevant research questions and coordinate their processing. You publish the results of your work at renowned conferences and in recognized journals, and thus, represent the Institute on a national and international level. You will also supervise both master’s and doctoral theses.

Your tasks within the scope of this activity are:

research and application of innovative methods for modelling and analysis of complex systems and infrastructures technical leadership of the employees of your research group and coordination of the projects of your group acquisition and composition of new projects for current and future research topics presentation and publication of research results

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